The aim of Entrance University College of Health Science is to produce the best Pharmacy graduates for best Pharmaceutical care of patients.


  • Create an Enabling environment that allows for critical thinking and diverse learning styles.
  • Inculcate into students a commitment to life-long learning, through professional development.
  • Ensure that our Graduates are well trained and competent to provide the needed patient care and also fit into industry
  • Develop faculty, student, and alumni relationships that will encourage group and individual responsibilities in the profession
  • Ensure a strong linkage with National Regulatory Bodies, Industries, Associations and International Institutions whose objectives are similar or complementary to the University


To provide an ethical and entrepreneurial environment for teaching, research and training for Medical and Health Professionals to impact generations.


A globally recognized Medical Center for Excellence


  • Christ-Centeredness and Bible as a Basis of all Rule and Conduct.
  • Culture of Excellence.
  • Integrity, Hard work and Stewardship.
  • Respect for equality for all people irrespective of their gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Leadership in Innovation.

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